Live Sleep Courses

The Frontline Bruxism and Dental Sleep Course is a comprehensive, live course that gives the dentist and entire team a sound understanding of the steps required to successfully integrate dental sleep medicine and bruxism treatment into the practice.

Course includes the following:

  • Learn to perform an all-inclusive patient screening and exam for OSA, bruxism, and orofacial pain
  • In depth head and neck anatomy instruction as it relates to bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea
  • Choosing and using the ideal home sleep and bruxism monitor for your practice
  • Understand oral appliance classifications for OSA and bruxism and learn protocols for choosing the correct oral appliance for each patient
  • Are all laboratories the same in making oral appliances? Absolutely not!
  • Recognize when bruxism and oral appliances are essential and when they are detrimental to health
  • Understand the use of chemotherapeutics such as lidocaine and botulinum toxin for simple and effective pain management, differential diagnosis and allowing patients to adapt and be comfortable with oral appliance therapy.
  • Marketing dental sleep medicine to your patients and their physicians
  • Acquire a basic understanding of the steps necessary to bill medical insurance and medicare
  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

(13 CE hours)

2019 Live Courses

November 1st. – Cleveland, OH

2020 Live Courses

January 10th – Miami, FL

January 17th – Cleveland, OH

January 24th – Baltimore, MD

February 7th – Denver, CO

February 21st – Seattle, WA

March 6th – Cleveland, OH

March 20th – Las Vegas, NV

April 3rd – Columbus, OH

April 24th – Nashville, TN

May 8th – Boston, MA

May 29th – Chicago, IL

June 12th – New York, NY

July 10th – Dallas, TX

July 24th – Los Angeles, CA

August 14th – Houston, TX

September 11th – San Francisco, CA

October 2nd – Detroit, MI

October 9th – Las Vegas, NV

October 16th – San Diego, CA

November 13th – Louisville, KY

November 20th – Jersey City, NJ

December 4th – Cleveland, OH

December 11th – New Orleans, LA

AAFE Sleep Faculty:

Dr. Suzanne Haley

Dr. Caron Glickman

Dr Vesna Sutter

Dr. Suzanne Haley has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry on the coast of Georgia for over 22 years. She graduated from the University of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry with honors. Dr. Haley’s practice on St. Simons Island, GA concentrates on cosmetic and sedation dentistry, sleep dental medicine, and TMJ therapeutics. She is committed to continuing education and being on top of the latest technology offered in Dentistry to provide the best treatment for her patients. Dr. Haley is a member of the ADA, GDA, AAFE, AADSM, DOCS, and SEDS. She loves providing her patients help with their sleep apnea and bruxism.  This has been a wonderful addition to her practice and wants to share that knowledge and excitement.

Dr. Caron Glickman, DDS, has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for over twenty-five years in the Seattle area.  She attended Mills College in Oakland, CA and obtained her dental degree from the University of Washington Dental School, where she also completed post-graduate training in care for medically compromised and disabled patients.  In the last couple of years, she has expanded the scope of her practice to include Sleep Apnea, TMJ therapeutics, and facial esthetics with Botox, Dermal Fillers and Kybella. Dr. Glickman is a member of the WSDA, ADA, and the AAFE.  She divides her time between Duvall, WA and Calgary, Alberta, and is active in both communities. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering and traveling with her husband.

For the past twenty years Dr. Vesna Sutter has prided herself on changing people’s lives. A smile is the strongest most genuine thing people can share with one another and she has dedicated her life to helping as many people as she can achieve the smile of their dreams. She is a 1986 graduate of Loyola Dental School and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois Champaign- Urbana. The field of dentistry is constantly changing and in order to provide her patients with the best opportunities to change their lives Dr. Sutter has taken over 500 hours of continuing education in Sleep Disorder Breathing Dentistry, Implants, Sedation, Orthodontics, TMJ Disorders, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Facial Esthetics. She is an active member of many organizations.