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    Would anyone be willing to share how they approach charging/not charging for the sleep studies?
    Are you charging for the initial read?
    Are you charging for repeat reads? (for example, checking their stats after they are in the DME)
    Once a patient is doing well with their DME, do you then do a sleep read annually?
    Also, we are trying to figure out the best way for charging for the physician report…
    1. charge when the nox3 is taken home in advance for the report (or) 2. charge after dentist reviews nox3 report
    We are really trying to take off with this and want to have solid systems in place.
    Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!


    I usually do not charge for the initial read because I am looking for the amount of grinding/clenching occurring..I do charge $300 to take home the STATdds monitor when I have the sleep study read.However,when using the monitor for titrstion(adjustments) and/or follow up I do not charge for the first year. You need to follow the guidelines in the AADSM.

    You can charge for the monitor under Medical Insurance if you are licensed in your state to prescribe a HST. For bruxing/grinding you can try a non specific code under dental benefits.Also, the pulse oximetry on the monitor can be charged out medical, as well.

    The beauty of allowing your patients to wear the STATdds at N/C (no charge) is that you will be delivering either a nightguard, snoreguard or a Sleep appliance 96% of the time. Your ROI is amazing.

    Hope this helps!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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